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Hiring RightClick is just smart business. It is estimated that the cost of a bad hire is anywhere from 33% – 200% of the new hire’s annual salary. At the same time, the incremental cost of hiring us to find you exceptional candidates pales in comparison to the advantages you’ll attain from hiring the best.


Looking for that needle in a haystack?   We recognize why you’re here. You’re having difficulty finding exceptional professionals on your own. In this Digital Age, it’s not that difficult to find candidates’ resumes and profiles online. Why then is finding and retaining top technology talent an ongoing challenge for management?

At RightClick, rather than relying only on LinkedIn and other job boards, we focus our sourcing efforts on candidates who are personally referred to us. This allows us to easily discover those candidates who are not broadcasting their intentions online and gives us greater confidence in their quality. After all, who would know an exceptional software developer better than another software developer? To promote this unique approach, we offer a generous monetary incentive to anyone that refers us a candidate that we place.

Of course, we go far beyond a simple referral to screen all of our candidates. Before we send you candidates, feel confident knowing they have gone through our 3-step vetting process:

  1. Phone screen by a Researcher to assess career background and professional motivations
  2. Face-to-face interview with a Recruiter to evaluate experience and capabilities using in-depth questioning techniques and skills assessments
  3. Face-to-face interview by your RightClick Account Manager to determine candidate’s job fit and culture fit for your company’s position

This rigorous methodology allows us to send you fewer candidates—so you don’t waste your valuable time screening and interviewing people that are unlikely to CLICK—while still providing the level of quality that you desire.


No job’s too big, no job’s too small.   Regardless of the position you are struggling to fill, we will be your partner every step of the way. Our scope of services covers the entire landscape of your organization from entry level to C-Level across nearly every department. And whether you’re looking for a hired gun on a short-term contract or a permanent hire that you can develop and grow with, we can find it for you.

We employ continuous quality control and provide honest and transparent feedback throughout the process. If we don’t have the ideal candidate for you, we will be upfront and say so. If we present a candidate that is not up to your level of excellence, we will work with you to determine where they fall short. Simply put, we will partner with you until we have found the RIGHT CLICK for your company.


“My experience with RightClick has been nothing short of positive. Their entire team is skilled at recruiting passive candidates that are a fit both technically and culturally for our organization. It’s a great feeling to be confident that they will deliver top talent.”

— Allison Lebonitte, Manager of Corporate Recruiting at Starwood Hotels and Resorts


“Partnering with RightClick Recruiting has felt like having a professional recruiter working inside our organization. They consistently find top quality professionals to join our team and their actions demonstrate that RightClick truly cares about the success of our organization. I would recommend RightClick to any organization with staffing needs.”

— Elyse Weisenfeld, President at Crown Awards


“RightClick has been a great help in our recent hiring of both software developers and business analysts. Their extensive contacts in the industry and deep knowledge of our requirements lead to excellent, well-vetted candidates who clearly understand the role and fit the culture of our firm.  We look forward to continuing to partner with RightClick for our hiring needs.”

— Head of Development for Major New York City Hedge Fund

The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too
high and we miss it but that it is too low and we reach it.
– Michelangelo

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