Candidate Testimonial: Marcos Romero, Information Security Manager

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Marcos, we appreciate your testimonial and are so happy that Allisa was helpful during your job search!

“The process of looking for a job can be very frustrating, especially because the recruiters can go silent at any time. That behavior from the recruiters leave you wondering what skills you were lacking; the lack or minimal feedback you receive from a recruiter is subpar.

However, I consider that I hit the lottery on my search for a job with Allisa from RightClick. She found my profile on LinkedIn and contacted me for a position. Since that day, she kept me posted on the status of my application and let me know about the next steps in the process. She even called me before each interview to answer any question that I may have. It was a smooth process even though the position that I applied for required several interviews. If I must recommend a recruiter for anybody to land a job, I would recommend Allisa. She makes the process painless and it is great to work with her.”

-Marcos Romero