Employee Testimonial: Matt Trembicki, Vice President

  |   Expert Advice, Spotlight

One valuable lesson that Rightclick has taught me is: If you truly invest the time and effort into something, the investment will pay off.

Six years ago, I graduated from college with a business degree and a complete lack of direction, as many do. I knew a few things about myself. One, I was hungry and motivated, and two, I was good with people. That led me to pursue opportunities within sales.

After multiple interviews with larger companies for various sales positions, a friend introduced me to RightClick. The thought of recruiting had never crossed my mind; it was a type of sales that I had never considered. But after a few hours of meeting with the founder, David Goldshore, and understanding the mission of trying to do things differently, I was sold on RightClick. It provided me with the interesting challenge of sales, combined with the entrepreneurial aspect of helping to grow a company with this mission in mind.

One thing I vividly remember from that interview was David stressing that “if you invest the time and effort here, it will ultimately pay-off and reward you.” That has certainly been the case for me. Since joining Rightclick as a recruiter in 2011, I progressed into an account management role, and soon thereafter I learned the art of business development. Last year, I was given the unique opportunity to open up and run our NYC office. I’ve seen RightClick grow from a few employees to recently one of the fastest growing staffing firms in North America (2016). There were definitely trials and tribulations along the way—as there are with anything you’re passionate about—but I always remembered what David told me.

RightClick made the investment in a motivated recent college grad. I invested the time and energy into helping build something special. So far, the investment has paid off for both, and I look forward to seeing what the future has in store.