New Employee Spotlight – Erin Gallagher

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We are currently welcoming Erin Gallagher to RightClick! Erin is a 2017 graduate from Fairfield University with a major in communications, and a minor in marketing. Erin has great people skills and experience in finance and marketing. She very much enjoys staying active which has shown through her involvement during college. She was a Zumba instructor at Fairfield University and also participated in Varsity Rugby. We are very much looking forward to see all the amazing opportunities Erin will bring to our team.

Getting to know Erin:

The coolest place she has been to is Toulon, France. It’s a beautiful beach down along the southern coast of France. She loved it because there were small shops along the beach and there was a great view everywhere you looked.

If she could live anywhere in the world she would live in Paris, France. She has been there twice and they have the most amazing culture and food. Everything is so fresh and people truly care about where their food comes from.

If she had one million dollars, she would go on a lux vacation to one of those cool beach huts on the ocean. Then she would probably get a new Tesla and then save and invest whatever is left.