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Time is of the Essence

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Its been such a path down memory lane seeing seniors come into RightClick to interview for a recruiting role. Its crazy to think that just a year ago that was me in their shoes and how I was preparing myself to head out into the “real world”.  I have been reflecting so much recently on how quick the transition was with classes ending, graduating, and then in a matter of two weeks (14 days!!) I would start a JOB! The obvious things to miss like the amazing friends I made and having all my Fridays class-free… but the one thing I took for granted was time.

The importance of time is such a crucial factor at RightClick, as cliché as it sounds… timing is everything! Early on in my recruiting career I learned how there is only so much I can control.  There are months I find great candidates that are open to a new opportunity, and then there are months the opposite will happen – it seems like nobody wants to make a move and I feel so hopeless.  One of our presidents at RightClick continuously tells us how we need to be better with our time management, and take accountability on how to approach every situation.  What could have I done differently?  What questions should I have asked to avoid a deal from not going through?  In the first few months at RC I found myself down in the dumps, and stressed out so often.  At that time, one of our senior recruiters took me aside and gave me one of the best pieces of advice that I will keep in my pocket. She explained the more time I feel frustrated and stressed about the things I can’t control, that is the energy that will be wasted and I will not be working on the more important things that I am able to control. From then on I have learned how to not let the little things get in the way, because then the great things won’t happen.  So my advice for all of the soon to be grads…. Respect the time you have, don’t stress or put too much pressure on the things you can’t control… and manage your time wisely to achieve your goals and be two steps ahead of anything that is thrown your way.

Writer: Julia DeVico, Senior Associate