What Can Companies do to Promote Happiness at Work?

  |   Expert Advice

Let’s face it, we spend most of our lives at work… so why not be happy? Even if you found your glamorous dream job, Im sure it can be stressful at times…. So what can organizations do to provide a more satisfying work environment which will keep their employees long-term?

What you see, is what you get. BE TRANSPARENT.  People simply want to feel respected and part of an organization.  It’s important to ensure your employees are “in the know”.  This doesn’t mean necessarily sharing legal or confidential documents… but keep them in the loop with how the company is progressing and how they are contributing to your growth.  Transparency can also have an opposite effect where employees feel safe to be honest with their thoughts/opinions and have a safe communication path to opening new best practices/ideas which will encourage company expansion.

You’re doing a GREAT job! Reward and recognize your employees.  No matter where an employee stands in an organization they are part of your “team” – it’s important to provide positive feedback and build everyone up in your company.  It’s amazing how far a simple compliment can boost the energy of an individual and make them want to prove themselves more and/or work harder.  The way you deliver a message and feedback can set the tone for an organization.  It’s important to provide criticism, even if its negative, but it’s all a matter of delivery.  Try to avoid being condescending, or as if you are attacking someone… approach it initially in a mature conversation… ask how they feel about their performance and how they could be doing better… this will provide an open discussion and a solution performed in unison, work together!

I can’t wait to go to work today! The energy in an office can be very telling, so it is important to provide a positive environment.   This all starts from the top (managers/CEO’s/presidents) have to try to encourage positivity.  Say “hello” to your employees, ask them how their weekend was, always say thank you… try to get a chance to learn about them outside of the office.  If you build a relationship on trust and communication individuals will be more eager to pursue their role and advancement to dedicate themselves to the company’s success. Another huge factor is giving employee’s incentive… a raise in salary, higher commissions, and offer health benefits.

Live to work or work to live? How about both!  Not every job is the same, especially when it comes to business hours, remote opportunities, PTO… but companies can reassure their employees by giving them leeway when it comes to a work/life balance.  Naturally it is healthy to let employees take some time off and distress a little…. This can not only be great for them, but it is so beneficial to an organization.  We all know what a little vitamin D can do (especially after the winter we had).  If an employee feels that you trust them and are confident they will get their work done, they will be more inclined to prove you right.

Don’t sink the ship! A company that paddles together, stays together.  Teambuilding events can provide such a positive effect to keep the organization afloat.  Go on group lunches, plan a trip to a sporting event, a simple happy hour, a Christmas party… get to know one another outside of the office.  Spending a little money to show employees you appreciate them can go a long way.